Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

We create more value for our customers’ supply chains through our global network, on-site knowledge and expertise. We are passionate about delivering operational excellence. With our comprehensive expertise in all major industries, our strong local organizations and our extensive experience in offering value added logistics services, we can provide our customers with the perfect balance between price and performance. All Value-Added Logistic Services are clearly defined and bundled in five categories:

  1. Inbound Services
  2. Value-added Warehousing
  3. Production Services
  4. Distribution Services
  5. Aftermarket Services

We maintain several international supply chain contracts covering sourcing, procurement and complete logistics management

  • Supply chain planning
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Expediting and reporting
  • Inventory control
  • Documentation services
  • Warehousing
  • Supply chain transportation (Air, Sea and Land)
  • Purchase order upload and database
  • Internet-based track and trace

Demand for Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) is on the rise; companies know the cost and time savings available through closer analysis of their processes for moving products. Pishro Navgan Siraf’s SCS team has one aim: to build better supply chains. It deploys tailored solutions that are easily implemented and set new standards for supply chain efficiency.